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i like online, and miss the days when it was really common for all kinds of people to have their own personal web site, or "blog."
social media is fine i guess. but there's nothing quite like a site where you can post whatever you want.

personal websites can be used for all kinds of things:

comix corner 3/13/21

Maniac of New York issue 1 (feb 21) issue (2 mar 21)*****
manaiac of new york rocks. the premise is essentially "what if jason takes manhatten took place in our reality?" and it far exceeds any expectations that sets up. as our story begins, this maniac (named harry) has been terrorizing new york for five years. a plucky new mayoral aide and a stock jaded murder cop team up. our introduction to harry has him terrorizing a subway car. hearkening to the taking of pelham 123. the idea that the psycho killer isn't the real villian, but vain and selfish politicians are the true ghouls isn't entirely new but fits together with real-world ny politics perfectly. first rate horror comic.

cool links 2/27/21

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also i have always liked html/css and having a personal site is a great way to play around with that.

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